My work is very unusual. It's composed of pixel art illustrated stories published as HTML pages on my website and written in easy Japanese.

I have been learning Japanese for a while and like every learner realises quickly, there is not much high quality enjoyable comprehensible input (ie written using only easy words/grammar) out there and it's sad because that's (to me) the most effective way to learn a new language. And since I am a reasonable person I have decided that doing it was a task for me... So I thought hard about it and came with this amazing idea that I would teach Japanese in Japanese, introducing new words with emoji and reusing them over and over in genuinely enjoyable stories.

After a lot of hard work I shared it on the dedicated section of reddit and was expecting praise, success and glory for my genius. I got 45 upvotes when photos by someoneone who just received their textbook got 1,000. That did not stop me. I was thinking people did not see the big picture and if I keep doing more of this they would and they will be impressed. So I continued and kept sharing with no real success. After what might be 6 months of relatively hard work I stopped. Another 6 months later I randomly decided to take an other look at my site. And read it from the first to the last page. And I could not help but think that it was really good. Definitely something I'd have enjoyed had I not been the author.

So I started again for something like another 18 months. I got some people genuinely praising my work but from what I'd call a marketing point of view it is definitely a failure.

My site is very rarely shared or mentioned. I still do care a little about it but not that much anymore. I am now doing it for me and for the handful of people who find it interesting and especially for this one person who one day will find it and think 'OMG this is all I have ever wanted' :-).

🏠 ホーム