Why are you REALLY learning Japanese

For me that’s FF6/7 and Chrono Trigger.

I first played 7 when it was released. Got it for my birthday. At first I could not understand the combat system and went crying to my parents :cry: . 20 years later or so I still think it’s one of the greatest achievement of humankind. I have been learning Japanese for years to better appreciate it and my next challenge will be to learn playing the piano so that I can play Aerith’s theme and cry !

Turns out because of this learning Japanese helps me connect with younger me in a deep way which was not one of my goal when I started.

I am now currently working on an online comic book in easy Japanese that takes place in a Final Fantasy inpired universe. Something I would never had imagined I would do back then even if the thought of writing a sequel to the game was on the back of my mind. All in all choosing to learn Japanese is one of the best decision I made in my life :-)

🏠 ホーム