Welcome to this part of the lab.
Here you will find experiments with a smaller scope than the Necodesca project.

Warning : DrDru's lab is a dangerous place. You enter it at your own risk.

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The library of the lab features great websites made by passionate hobbyists

  • 昨日 Sakubi: Yesterday's Grammar Guide : a very good introductory book
  • Imabi : a cool website with a ton of grammar points explained in great detail
  • 絵でわかる日本語 : understanding Japanese through pictures and Japanese
  • Comprehensible input : a Youtube channel with videos telling stories using comprehensible input much like this website
  • Dokushoclub : a Japanese book club
  • Crystal Hunters manga : a manga in entry level Japanese
  • Nihongoconteppei : a ton of easy podcast
  • 遠くにある夢 : an easy to read comic

  • 🧰 🔧 🔨
    Tools and resources used to make this site

  • Pixel art to CSS : a website that allows drawing pixelart in the browser and save it as CSS
  • &what; : the website I use to search for Emojis
  • Kawaii faces
  • Free game assets
  • CSS art resource
  • Convert western numbers to Japanese
  • A pixel art tool kindly made for me by TheCodingFox
  • local version of the above
  • Rexpaint : ASCII Art tool
  • TomeTik : a site from 2003 with free tiles
  • Others (Japanese)

  • textmode-collab : a multiplayer ASCII art website thingy lol
  • Emojicombos : inspiration for emojis
  • A ton of Japanese of radios
  • Kana charts made with ggplot2
  • Massif : a big dataset of Japanese sentences
  • Japanese by Example
  • Others (Non Japanese)

  • A very cool web cartoon
  • Crazy Front end stuffs
  • A cool website from an interactive fiction hobbyist. Check out his cool game here
  • NES CSS framework
  • Neocities : the new goeocities
  • Homestuck : a crazy webcomic
  • A love letter to the internet of old
  • kidradd : A video game inspired webcomic
  • RPGblog : a blog of someone who's playing all the SNES non translated JRPGs
  • Gender WTFs playing all the SNES non translated JRPGs
  • WibySearch Engine for the Classic Web
  • Bookmarks

  • The case for bad coffee : a beautiful read
  • 7 Things Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me About Storytelling : lots of good advice there
  • The cab ride I'll never forget
  • Murakami on his writing style
  • Becca Schuh on being both a writer and a server.
  • To master the art of close looking, learn to hold time still
  • narrati.com

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